Halimvor is the northwestern-most power of the continent of Eide. It’s territory covers the major islands of the continent and all the land west of the Mystic Mountains and Forevergreen Reaches. Halimvor houses the largest city on the continent, it’s capital, Greyston, as well as two highly reputable magic academies, Morthir and Jorkal, each as magnificent and unique as Greyston.

Jorkal and Morthir
The magic academies are cities in-and-of themselves, each containing thousands of magic users.

The academies regulate the use of magic in the Kingdom of Halimvor, and use questionable means to do so, but a shattered past bears a delicate future. Each academy holds jurisdiction over specific areas, Morthir controlling the Grand Island and the Gaedwyn Isles, leaving Jorkal the more densely populated East Halimvor.

Notable People

Notable Locations


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